Our Support Status for Bybit.

This page introduces the trade types that can be obtained via Bybit API and exchange file.

Our Support Status for Bybit

  • API・・・ Due to the specifications of the exchange's API, it is unclear from when the transaction history can be retrieved. (For spot transactions, it is understood that it may not be possible to retrieve history older than 6 months) For more details, click here.
  • Transaction History File・・・ There is an announcement that you can obtain the history of the past two years. For more details, click here.
    • "To confirm" transactions: There are histories in the file that cannot be identified based on the information alone, and these are reflected as "To confirm" transactions. For how to handle "Identification Required" transactions, please refer here.(Japanese only) We have categorized it as 'To confirm' for the "P2P Sale" because the file does not specify the price or which fiat currency was used for the acquisition. Please verify this on your own and enter the correct information.
    • Currently, for transaction types that cannot be automatically handled by both API and file, please note them in a custom file and upload it yourself.

*1 The funding fee for derivative transactions is reflected at position closure, reflecting the initial setup where realized gains and losses (closed P&L) included these fees. While future updates may consider alternative methods to retrieve funding fees, current integration with historical data complicates immediate changes. If discrepancies arise across fiscal years, users are advised to manually adjust the funding fee records.

*2 Regarding the purchase history with a credit card, the file only includes the number of coins purchased and does not capture the price of the transaction. Therefore, we adopt a specification that recognizes the purchase at the price rate of the cryptocurrency on Cryptact at the time of the transaction.

*3 We understand Bybit's margin trading as a derivative product based on spot trading. Therefore, since the borrowing history is not distributed via the API, please upload the history of borrowings/repayments using a custom file.

*4 The "Dual Asset Settlement" in the funding account file is not documented in a manner that allows third parties to identify it, so even if the file is uploaded, it will not be reflected in cryptact.

*The transaction history of the "Launchpad" funding account is designed to be difficult for third parties to interpret, so we do not currently provide support for it.

*5 We have confirmed that conversion history will be written in funding account file. If you converted in funding account, please upload funding account file. If not, please create a custom file to upload.


Transaction types that are currently not automatically supported by both the API and the file.

・Please upload a custom file.
・As soon as we receive sufficient samples (transaction history files) from customers, we will automatically respond. If you have a file, please send it to us via the "Support" button.
・API will be supported in due course, depending on the delivery status on the exchange side.


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