How to add/edit/delete transactions manually from the screen

This page explains how to add/edit/delete transactions manually from the screen.


1.How to add a transaction manually

From the "+" icon on the right corner of the screen, click down arrow next to "Add manually".
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The transaction entry screen will appear. Enter the transaction details and click "Commit".

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  • Use a custom coin/DeFi Tokens

Custom coins refer to coins that are not supported as cryptocurrencies but can be created by users on the ledger, becoming "coins that can be used as a base currency." Similarly, "unsupported coins" within DeFi that are not automatically supported by cryptocurrencies are referred to as "DeFi tokens." This feature is initially turned off by default, but you can enable it to create custom coins and DeFi tokens.

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  • Perform price lookup (Price refers to the settlement currency price per unit of the base currency)

By default, this feature is turned off, but it can also be enabled (shown in blue). If the base currency is a supported cryptocurrency and its price can be obtained (and the settlement currency is a fiat currency), it will reference the cryptocurrency's price. Please check the list of supported cryptocurrencies by cryptact for reference.


2.How to add a transaction(Using cryptact's "Assistant" feature)

Go to the assistant screen (*) and in the step that says "Select your exchanges and/or blockchains" select the exchange. (*)For more details on the "Assistant" feature, click here.
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Choose an "Unsupported exchanges/trades/blockchains and click on "Confirm exchanges".

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In "Upload or Sync your transactions," click on "Add transactions" .
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Click on "Add manually".


Please check the following steps for the subsequent process.


3.How to edit a transaction

In the "Transactions" page, click the transaction you would like to edit.

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In the "Transactions detailed" screen, click on "Edit".
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Make the necessary change to the transaction and click "Commit" to save. 

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.How to exclude/delete a transaction

The definitions of "Exclude" and "Delete" are as follows.

Exclude The transaction will be excluded from the PNL calculation. It will remain on the ledger and it's possible to re-include it in the PNL calculation again.
Delete The transaction will be deleted from the ledger completely. Once deleted, it cannot be restored and you will need to upload the transaction again if you want to re-include it in the PNL calculation.


In the "Transactions" page, click the transaction you would like to exclude or delate.

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Select "Exclude" or "Delete".



Please note that excluded transaction history will be excluded from profit and loss calculations, but it will still appear on the transaction page as shown in the following screen.

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Excluded transaction history can be reintegrated into profit and loss calculations by selecting "Unexcluded."

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