How to add/edit/delete transactions manually from the screen

This page explains how to add/edit/delete transactions manually from the screen.


■How to add a transaction manually

  1. Click the "Add transactions" icon at the top of the screen and click "Add manually" from the dialogue.
  2. The transaction entry screen will appear. Enter the transaction details and click "Commit".

  3. The " Perform price lookup " toggle switch will appear depending on the "Action" you select for the transaction, for example, "Transfer Fee". If you turn the switch on, Cryptact's price will be automatically referenced for the relevant cryptocurrency. If you turn it off, you will have to enter the price manually.


■How to edit a transaction

  1. In the "Ledger" screen, click the transaction you would like to edit. In the "Transactions detail" screen, click "Edit".
  2. Make the necessary change to the transaction in the "Transaction edition" screen and click "Commit" to save. Please note that if you change the "Action" of the transaction, the screen content will be reset.

■How to exclude/delete a transaction

The definitions of "Exclude" and "Delete" are as follows.

Exclude The transaction will be excluded from the PNL calculation. It will remain on the ledger and it's possible to re-include it in the PNL calculation again.
Delete The transaction will be deleted from the ledger completely. Once deleted, it cannot be restored and you will need to upload the transaction again if you want to re-include it in the PNL calculation.

If you would like to exclude or delete a transaction, click the transaction and click either "Exclude" or "Delete".