Our Support Status for Bitget

This page introduces the trade types that can be obtained via Bitget file and API.

Trade type File support API support API endpoint
Spot Trades Bitget/Trades
USDT-M Futures ×  
USDC-M Futures ×  
Coin-M Futures ×  
Savings*1 Bitget/Trades 
Staking*2 ✔  Bitget/Trades
Convert Small Balance to BGB Bitget/Trades
Others × ×   

*1 In the transaction history distributed by Bitget, the term "financial" is used for the type of transaction, and we have confirmed that some of these histories are savings histories. Since the term "financial" cannot be distinguished by third parties, we are handling it as "to be confirmed." Customers themselves need to select the correct type of transaction on the screen.

*2 Staking history is distributed via API from the endpoint of Bitget/Trades, it is automatically handled as "bonus."