Our Support Status for Binance Japan

This page introduces the trade types that can be obtained via Binance Japan file and API.


Trade type File support API support
Spot trades
Convert ✔ 
BNB Conversions ×
Distributions ×
Locked Staking ✔ 
Flexible Real-Time APR Rewards ×
Buy History/Fiat Payments
Auto Invest 

Support on 23rd May 24

Support on 23rd May 24

Transaction types that are currently not automatically supported by both the API and the file.

  • Please upload a custom file.
  • As soon as we receive sufficient samples (transaction history files) from customers, we will automatically respond. If you have a file, please send it to us via the "Support" button.
  • API will be supported in due course, depending on the delivery status on the exchange side.