When the file is uploaded, a transaction type called "to confirm" is displayed.

If the information within the file of an exchange that supports automatic processing is insufficient to determine the transaction details, we reflect it as "to confirm" transaction in the transactions list.

"to confirm" transactions are excluded from calculations, please supplement the transaction details yourself on the screen according to the actual transactions.


Example: In the transaction type section of the transaction history file in Rakuten Wallet, there is a transaction type called "その他(Other)". Since "その他" can apply to multiple patterns of transaction types, making it impossible for a third party to determine the transaction details, it is reflected as an "to comfirm" transaction in the transaction history list.


1.How to confirm "to confirm" transactions in the transaction history list

In the transactions list, by selecting "Action" and then choosing "To Confirm" and click on "Apply," you can extract only "To Confirm" transactions.


2.How to handle "identifiable" transactions

1.Click on the "To Confirm" transaction from the transactions list.
*Please note that each transaction requires individual handling. As per the current specifications, there is no bulk modification method available.


2.Click on the "Edit" button on the transaction details screen.


3.Select the Action type based on the actual transaction details, then click "Commit".

*If purchasing cryptocurrency with points, select "Buy" as the type, and for the price, click on "Use price reference" to reflect the purchase at the current market value.

Regarding the recognition of income for using points, it is typically required for points to be recognized as income. However, for the purposes of cryptocurrency profit and loss calculations, transactions involving the purchase of cryptocurrency with points are considered outside the scope. Therefore, we kindly request that you follow the above process to calculate the average acquisition price and subsequent profit or loss of the cryptocurrency purchased with points. As for the income recognition for points, we recommend handling it at your discretion, similar to how it is done for other uses of points.


4.Please confirm that the selected transaction type is reflected in the transaction history list.


5.If the transaction, such as transfers between your own accounts, has no impact on the increase or decrease of your cryptocurrency, please select "Exclude". It will be displayed in the transaction history list in grayed-out text and will not affect profit or loss.