How to get an API key for Binance Japan

This page explains how to get an API key for Binance Japan's transaction history.

Trade types that can be obtained by API and exchange file.

Please be sure to check here for more details about our support for Binance Japan.

When there is a discrepancy between transactions integrated via the API and those documented in downloaded files, it is not possible to determine which is correct. Therefore, please ensure to verify the transaction details reflected after the API integration. If there are any transactions missing via the API, please send the file and API-related information via the support button at the bottom right. We will examine it thoroughly.

Please select "English (Japan)" to access to Binance Japan's English site.


1.Log in to Binance Japan, click on "Account".

2.Select ”API Management” and click on ”Create API”.

3.Select"System generated"and click on"Next".

4.Name your API Key.

5.You will need your 2 FA code

6.Click on "Edit restrictions "in right top.

7. Then, make sure to check "Unrestricted (Less Secure) before save the edit.

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8.You will need your 2 FA code


9.The API Key is created. Save your API Key and Private Key.
*Make sure to take note of the Secret Key displayed at the time of creation. If you miss this opportunity, it will be obscured with asterisks and cannot be retrieved for confirmation. You would need to create a new one in that case.
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10.Connect your API key to cryptact.