How to get trade history from GMO Coin (Fiscal year 2017 and prior)

Attention 1: Please follow steps below to get trade history for fiscal year 2017. For  fiscal year 2018 and beyond, please find details here.

Attention 2: You will need to create a CSV or excel file by yourself.

GMO's trade history is only available in PDF format, therefore it cannot be uploaded to Cryptact directly. 
You will need to create a CSV or excel file by yourself, however, you can use the column names and order as they are in GMO PDF file, which will save you the trouble of creating a custom file from scratch.


Attention 3: Coins received as part of the 2017 campaign need to be uploaded separately as custom trades.



1. Start Excel in advance and open the template file.

Template File


2. After logging into GMO Coin, open "口座情報"(Account Details) -> "帳票"(Reports).

3. Set "受信日"(Receive Date) to "20170101 - 20171231", "状態"(Status) to "すべて"(All), "件名"(Subject) to "取引残高報告書"(Statement), and click "検索"(Search) button. Download all "取引残高報告書"(Statement) displayed individually.


4. Open the downloaded PDF. Copy "<現物取引明細>"(Spot Trade Detail) table and paste it to excel.

GMO's trade history is split into multiple PDF files based on month. 
If you have downloaded multiple PDFs, please repeat the above process for all of the files.

5. Select "約定日時"(Execution Datetime) colunn, open the Format Cells dialog and enter yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss as the Custom format.

6. Click "ファイル"(File) -> "名前を付けて保存"(Save As), and save the file as "CSV UTF-8" or "Excel Workbook(.xlsx)" format.