Add transactions manually (custom trade)

This article explains how you can enter custom trades.


1.  What is a custom trade?

  • Transactions not documented in files downloaded from exchanges

  • Transactions not delivered via API from exchanges

  • Transactions which are not automatically supported by cryptact (*)

The above transactions can be uploaded as custom trades.

(*)We are gradually working on automated support for additional exchanges. For requests to add new exchanges, please contact us through the "Support" button at the bottom right of the help page.


2.  The types and upload methods for custom transactions

2.1  Adding transactions by custom file

For efficiently adding numerous custom transactions, especially when you want to upload them together, we recommend using the provided file to document the transactions and upload.

Custom File for any other trades


2.2  How to add transactions manually from the screen

Manually adding transactions one by one from the screen is recommended when you have a small number of transactions to add.

How to add/edit/delete transactions manually from the screen