How to download a trade history from Deepcoin

This page explains how to get trade history from Deepcoin.

Important notes:

※CSV file only contains the last 6 months of history; if you want a full year of history, you will need to create two CSVs. Also, CSV file can only contain up to 1000 lines of transactions.

※Files are currently only available for USDT Perpetual and Inverse Perpetual transactions. Currently, you cannot download CSV files for spot trades.

1.Click on "Derivatives", then "USDT Perpetual" or "Inverse Perpetual" and select the coin you wish to download.

※The procedure is the same whether you choose USDT Perpetual or Inverse Perpetual. It does not depend on the coin you choose.

2.The below screen will be displayed.

3.Click on "Trading History" at the bottom.


For "USDT Perpetual": Select "All" from the bottom left and click "Export Trading History" on the bottom right.

For "Inverse Perpetual": Select "BTCUSD" in the upper left screen, select "All" from the lower left, and click "Export Trading History" in the lower right.

5."Export Trading History" will be displayed.

6.Select a time period and click "OK".

7.Click on "Export".

Upload trade history from Deepcoin

After downloading the various trade history files, please upload them via the upload screen.