How to download a trade history from Globiance

This page explains how to get trade history from Globiance.

We have confirmed with the Globiance customer support that currently download function for the transaction history is not available. They expect to release the download function in few weeks time. We will update this help page once we find the function is avalable. 


Imprtant Notes:

We can confirm that there was a change in the handling of commissions on around July 15, 2022 at the exchange. If you notice anything in your commission transaction history, please let us know by contacting customer support.


1.Log in to Globiance, click on "Profile" in the upper right corner, then click on "Order History".

2. Tick off  "Crypto" and "FIAT," select a time period, and click the "EXPORT" button.

3.When "All Time" is checked, you can retrieve the history for all time periods.

Upload trade history from Globiance

After downloading the various trade history files, please upload them via the upload screen.