How to get trade history from GMO Coin

This page explains how to get trade history from GMO Coin.



  • If you have trades during or before the fiscal year 2017, please refer to here.



 1. After logging into GMO Coin, click "口座情報"(Account Detail) -> "CSV".



2. For each fiscal year, click "CSVを作成する"(Create CSV). Once the file is created, the button label changes to "CSVダウンロード"(Download CSV). Click the button.



3. Files are downloaded in ZIP format. Upload them in the order of older fiscal years to new.


* Lending rewards (crypto lending) are marked as deposits in these files. It is not possible for Cryptact to recognize them as lending rewards, therefore they cannot be automatically processed. Please upload them as custom trades. Find more details on how to download the custom file format and how to fill it here.


Upload trade history from GMO Coin

After downloading the trade history for various types, please upload it via upload screen.