How to unlock data/update lock date?

On this page, we will guide you on how to unlock data/update lock date.

Please read this before canceling "Data Confirmation."

Unlocking data or updating lock date triggers a recalculation, which may result in changes to transaction history and profit/loss results for past fiscal years. If you wish to unlock date/update lock date with the understanding that past profits and losses may change, please follow the steps below.

Points to Note Regarding Unlocking Data or Updating Lock Date


1. Update Lock Date to a Specific Fiscal Year

Go to the "Setting" page and click on the "Lock" tab

Select the fiscal year you want to remain locking the data, and click "Update lock date"
(For example, if you want to unlock data for the fiscal year 2022, select "Until 2021-12-31" as the date.)

※ All fiscal years up to the selected year will be subject to unlocking. It is not possible to unlock only 2019 and leave 2017 and 2018 locked.)

Please be sure to check the checkbox, and if you agree, click "Update lock date" 

Considering the possibility of changes in profit/loss results, click "Update lock date" again.


2. Unlock data for All Fiscal Years

Go to the "Setting" page and click on the "Lock" tab

Change the lock date to "Do not lock" and then click "Unlock my data"

Read the notifications carefully, if you are sure to proceed, click "Unlock my data"

Please note that your financial results for past fiscal years might be changed, if you understand all the risks, you may proceed to click "Unlock my data"



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