How to get trade history from bitFlyer

There are four types of files that you can download from bitFlyer.

The types of files that you will have to download depend on what types of transactions you have done.



How to download bitFlyer All

This file contains all of your transactions on bitFlyer, excluding FX and Futures.

  1. Click on Trade Report

  2. Select All Trades
    (Caution) Only cick on the button for All Trades, do not select the drop down option or any other options available under All Trades.

  3. If your file size exceeds 20MB
    You can zip and upload your file.  The file size limit for files contained within zip files is 50MB.


How to download bitFlyer Lightning and Collateral

These files contain all transactions that you have done within bitFlyer's "Lightning" application.  This includes FX trades, futures and relevant funding costs for these trades.  If you have NOT traded FX/futures or used your leverage account, you do not need these files.

To users who have files larger than 50MB:

Unfortunately at this time you cannot upload files larger than 50MB.  We are working on increasing our upload capacity and will make an announcement when it is complete.

For FX and futures, the profit and loss listed in the collateral file is sufficient for your calculations.  bitFlyer FX and futures profit and loss is self-contained within bitFlyer.  All of the relevant results from these trades are included in your collateral file.
The only exception is if you have put BTC up for collateral.  In the case of your position being closed with a loss, BTC that is sold as a result of collateral reduction is not included.
If you have never had BTC claimed as a result of an FX or levered trade, then this is not relevant to you.


  1. Click on Trade Report

  2. Select All History on Lightning

  3. Select Margin history
  4. If you file size is in excess of 20MB and smaller than 50MB:
    Please zip each file separately and upload.

  5. Select Conversion History
    Note: Please open the file and if the file contains "No data available", then you don't have to upload the file.