What is the data locking function?

This help page explains about the data locking function.


1. What is the Data Locking Function

This is a function to lock past transaction history and profit and loss results.

It addresses the following concerns and anxieties for users:

  • Concerns about accidentally deleting past transaction history.
  • Changes in calculated results of past years that have already been declared due to adding new history in past years.

The "Data Locking" function was introduced on September 27, 2023. As of September 27, 2023, for those with a cryptact account registration, past year-end (※) profit and loss results and transaction history are automatically locked. (※ If the year-end setting is set to December, history before December 31, 2022, is locked.)

However, from the fiscal year 2023 onwards, data will not be locked automatically. After completing the profit and loss calculation on your own, please lock the data yourself.

For locked transaction history, it will be displayed in grayed-out on the transaction list. The service can still be used, so please rest assured.



2. How to Use the Data Locking Function

Please refer to the following help page for the setup of the data locking. (Reference: Step 9. Lock Data)

How to use cryptact - README first!


3. How to Unlock the Data/Cautions

How to unlock data/update lock date?

If you unlock your data