How to get an API key for bitbank

This page explains how to get an API key for bitbank's transaction history.


Attention (asof Nov,29,2021): API connection is only supported for exchange (取引所) history. For store (販売所) history, please upload the CSV file as before. For details on how to download the broker trade history, please refer to here.


1. After login, click the Person icon and select "API"


2. Click "APIキーの発行"(Generate API Key)


3. Select "参照"(Read Only) as the entitlement to generate the API key.

*Label is a required field. Please set it to something that is meaningful to you.


4. Confirm that the entitlement is set to "参照"(Read Only) and click "発行する"(Generate).


5. The generated API key will be displayed on the screen. Click "確認"(Confirm).



6.Add API connectivity to bitbank by entering the generated API key and secret via Connect to your exchanges.




Please note that we will not be held responsible for any damages caused by unauthorized use or other accidents due to API connections. When connecting, please be sure to use the API key specified by us.