How to manage (add/sync) your API keys with exchanges

This page will explain how to use our API connectivity with exchanges.

If the transactions fetched via the API and the transactions in the downloaded file are different, we cannot determine which is more accurate. Please check the transaction details thoroughly after they are fetched via the API. If you find any missing transactions, please send us the downloaded file and the API details via the Support button at the bottom right. We will check the details.


1.How to manage(add/sync) your API keys

Click "+" icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. And click on "Manage your API keys".
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Select the exchange that you want to connect with.
The below example is for BYBIT. 


Click on ”Add key for Bybit".


Enter the "API Key" and "Secret Key" obtained from the exchange and click "Submit" button.

  • "Subaccount name": In most cases, it can be left blank (please specify if you use subaccounts).
  • "Sync from a custom timestamp": If you turn on the toggle, you can specify a datetime. It is useful when leveraging both files and API for trade history.
  • "Endpoints": Check the tick boxes for the trade types that you have traded.


1.1  Check API Status

Check to make sure that the trade history is successfully uploaded via the API.

If the API sync completes successfully, a green cloud icon is displayed. You can also check the last sync time.


If the API sync fails for whatever reason, a red cloud icon is displayed. Please click "Endpoints" to show the reason for the failures.


1.2 How to resync API.

When you have new trades, click "Sync" to upload them to the system. Please note that new trades are not uploaded automatically. You need to "Sync" whenever you have new trades.


2.  How to manage(add/sync) your API keys (Using cryptact"Assistance"feature.)

Navigate to the Assistant screen (*1) and in the step 'Select your exchanges and/or blockchains' select the exchange/blockchain where you have trading experience.

(*1) For more details on the "Assistant" feature, click here.
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Choose an exchange/blockchain that you have trading experience with.And click on "Confirm exchanges".


In "Upload or Sync your transactions," click on "Add transactions" .
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Click on”Add API key”.


Please check the following steps for the subsequent process.