How to change various login/account related settings

In this page, we will explain how to make various account-related settings changes.

You can change various account-related settings from this link.

1.How to access the Account screen
2.How to change various settings
  1‐1.Email address
  1‐3.Display Language
  1‐4.Delete Account
  1‐5.Enable Two-Factor Authentication
  1‐7.Payment methods/Billing information
  1‐8.Mailing subscription


1.How to access the ”Account” page.

Log into Cryptact, click on the person-shaped icon in the upper right corner and click on your email address.


2.How to change various settings

2‐1.Email address

▼On the "Account" tab, make the change in the "General Info", and click "Update".


▼On the "Account" tab, click on"Change password". Make the change in the "Change password" section, and click "Update".
* Cryptact does not know the user passwords. Therefore, if you forget your password, even we cannot tell you your password. Please reset your password via this link.


2‐3.Display Language

 ▼On the "Account" tab, make the change in the "Language preference", and click on "Save".


2‐4.Delete Account

▼On the "Account" tab, go to the "Delete your pafin Account" section, and proceed to "Login into pafin to delete your account".


2‐5.Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Please refer to the following help page for instructions on how to set up two factor authentication:
■How to set up two-factor authentication



Please refer to the following help page for instructions on how to change your plan:
■How to change subscription


2‐7.Payment methods/Billing information

▼On the "Billing" tab, click "Add a credit card" to change payment methods or click "Update information" to change billing information.


2‐8.Mailing subscription

▼On the "Mailings" tab, make the necessary changes in the "Mailing subscriptions" section and click on "Save".