How to change various login/account related settings

In this page, we will explain how to make various account-related settings changes.

You can change various account-related settings from this link.

1.How to access the Account screen
2.How to change various settings
  1‐1.Email address
  1‐3.Display Language
  1‐4.Delete Account
  1‐5.Enable Two-Factor Authentication
  1‐7.Payment methods/Billing information
  1‐8.Mailing subscription


1.How to access the ”Account” page.

Log into Cryptact, click on the person-shaped icon in the upper right corner and click on your email address.


2.How to change various settings

2‐1.Email address

▼On the "Account" tab, make the change in the "General Info", and click "Update".


▼On the "Account" tab, click on"Change password". Make the change in the "Change password" section, and click "Update".
* Cryptact does not know the user passwords. Therefore, if you forget your password, even we cannot tell you your password. Please reset your password via this link.


2‐3.Display Language

 ▼On the "Account" tab, make the change in the "Language preference", and click on "Save".


2‐4.Delete Account

▼On the "Account" tab, go to the "Delete your pafin Account" section, and proceed to "Login into pafin to delete your account".


2‐5.Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Please refer to the following help page for instructions on how to set up two factor authentication:
■How to set up two-factor authentication



Please refer to the following help page for instructions on how to change your plan:
■How to change subscription


2‐7.Payment methods/Billing information

▼On the "Billing" tab, click "Add a credit card" to change payment methods or click "Update information" to change billing information.

Please click the icon on the right of the screen and select "Delete" to delete the existing payment method.

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2‐8.Mailing subscription

▼On the "Mailings" tab, make the necessary changes in the "Mailing subscriptions" section and click on "Save".