How to upload trade history

This article explains how to upload trade history using exchange files or APIs.


Additional Note:

We cannot automatically process transaction histories that have insufficient information from the exchange, or cases where the transaction history is missing from the obtained information. For example, if the transaction type is blank  in the transaction file, automatic processing is not possible.

Additionally, we do not provide automatic handling for histories that have no impact on profits, losses, or balances. (More details can be found here.) If there is a history that is not automatically handled but has an impact on profits or losses, please add it as a custom transaction by yourself.


1.  How to upload trade history

There are three methods to upload transaction history (four for those with the Advanced Plan or higher):

① Upload trade history using exchange files

② Connect API 

③ Upload transaction manually by custom

④ Add wallet addresses

Please note that the deposit and withdrawal history between your own accounts or wallet addresses will not impact your profit and loss. Therefore, there is no need to upload such transaction histories (excluding fees). For more details, please refer to the Deposit & Withdrawal History for Cryptocurrency

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Let's take a closer look at each upload method

2.How to upload trade history using exchange files

2.1  Regular Upload Method

Click "+" icon in the top right-hand corner. And click on "Upload trancsaction".
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Select which exchange the file is for.


For example, in the case of uploading a trade history file for bitFlyer, you can either drag&drop the file to the appropriate box or click the box to select it from its location.
* When uploading a trade history file, please also refer to Precautions for when uploading trade history files

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2.2  Upload Method via the Assistant Feature

Navigate to the Assistant screen (*1) and in the step 'Select your exchanges and/or blockchains' select the exchange/blockchain where you have trading experience.

(*1) For more details on the "Assistant" feature, click here.

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Choose an exchange/blockchain that you have trading experience with. And click on "Confirm exchanges".


In "Upload or Sync your transactions," click on "Add transactions" .
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Click on”Uploading files”.


After uploading the file, click on the "Upload" .


3.  How to upload trade history using APIs

You can also use APIs to get trade history. For details, please refer to the following article.
How to use API connectivity with exchanges


4.  Upload trade history manually by custom

If transaction history information is not provided via API from the exchange, if there is no record in the transaction history file, or if the necessary information for automatic processing is not included in the transaction history file, it becomes difficult for third parties to identify your transaction history, and automatic handling may not be possible. In such cases, you can manually supplement by adding transaction history yourself.

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5.  Add wallet addresses

For customers engaged in DeFi transactions, you can upload transaction history from the wallet by adding the wallet address.

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