Why are transactions "skipped"?

This article explains the transaction history that is not required for PNL calculation in cryptact.


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Why are some transactions "Skipped"?

When you upload a transaction file to cryptact, you sometimes see "xx Skipped" on the upload history screen. Any transactions that do not increase or decrease your assets are not required for PNL calculation, and therefore, are not processed. Any transactions whose nature cannot be determined from the file content are also not processed.


Example 1: Deposits and withdrawals (transfers) between accounts

Wet calculates PNL based on the combined coin holdings of all the exchanges you use. We do not track the coin positions in each exchange, hence we do not process deposit/withdrawal history between accounts. (If a fee is charged for the deposit/withdrawal, only the decrease in that coin is processed).
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Example 2: Any transactions that have no PNL impact such as entering/leaving STAKING

The entering and leaving of staking, LP, coin lending and coin borrowing have no PNL impact themselves, and therefore, are not processed.
(If rewards are earned as a result of these transactions, the increase/decrease in assets needs to be uploaded separately).

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Example 3: Any transactions that are already uploaded via another file

The details vary from exchange to exchange, but for example, in the case of SBIVC, some transactions are listed both in "SBIVC/Trade" and in "SBIVC/Cashflow".
In order to prevent duplicate postings to the ledger, any transactions uploaded via "SBIVC/Trade" are excluded while uploading "SBIVC/Cashflow".

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Example 4: Any transactions whose timestamps are older than the latest uploaded timestamp

To prevent duplicate postings, only transactions with dates later than those already processed for the same exchange will be processed.
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Example 5: Any transactions whose nature cannot be determined from the file content

If there is not enough information in the file for a third party such as cryptact to determine "which coin has increased/decreased by how much, when and how", the transactions are excluded from the upload.
If these transactions increase or decrease your assets, then you need to upload these as custom trades by yourself.
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