Deposit & Withdrawal History for Cryptocurrency

Transfers between your own addresses and accounts do not need to be included in your ledger. This is because these transfers do not impact your overall cryptocurrency balance (excluding fees).
In Cryptact, PNLs are calculated using either the Average Cost method or the Periodic Average Cost. The former organizes all of your trades in chronological order to calculate the PNL while the latter organizes them into purchases and sales. Either way, where the cryptocurrency positions are held or how they moved between your own addresses and accounts make no difference to the calculation.

For example, you bought 1 BTC at exchange A, transferred it to exchange B, and sold it at exchange B. To calculate the PNL for this, the information you need is how much you bought it for and how much you sold it for. If you had bought 1 BTC for 1,000,000 JPY and sold it for 1,500,000 JPY, the PNL is 500,000 JPY. You don't need to know where you bought it or sold it, where it was transferred to and from, etc.

Therefore, the transfer history does not need to be uploaded, only the trade history. In the above example, even if you had transferred the BTC position from exchange A to your wallet, and then six months later, transferred it to exchange B and sold it, you still only need to upload the buy trade at exchange A and the sell trade at exchange B.

If these transfers incurred any fees and it is with an exchange that Cryptact does not support, then you need to manually upload them as custom trades. Please refer to section 2.5 of this article.

* However, if you are transferring funds to/from a third-party, you need to manually upload the background for the transfer by creating a custom file and uploading it. The exchange would not know if the transfer is with another account that you own or with a third-party, and therefore they are not included in the exchange file. Due to the nature of cryptocurrency, only you would know the background for each deposit/withdrawal and if it is resulting from other activities, they need to be uploaded manually via a custom file.