How to get trade history from CoinList

This page explains how to get trade history from CoinList.


・For some trade history from CoinList, the information in the file is not enough for Cryptact to fully recognize them. They are marked as "To Confirm". For details on how to handle transactions that are marked "To Confirm", please refer to here.

・If the file contains a transaction type that Cryptact is not aware of, the upload will fail in an error. Please send us the file as a sample, and we will check if we can support it.


■How to download Transaction wallet

1. After logging in, select "Wallet" from the menubar.


2. Click the asset that you have traded (ETH in the below example), and click "Download CSV".


3. Select "Select all assets", select the date range, and then click "Download CSV".


4. A download link will be sent to your registered address. Click it and then click "Download report".


Upload CoinList's trade history

After downloading the file, please upload it via upload screen.