How to get an API key for Poloniex

This page explains how to get an API key for Poloniex's transaction history.


Support Status
API connection is only supported for Spot trades, Withdrawals, and Distributions. Margin trades and Futures trades are not supported.*Please note that, due to the exchange's API specifications, only transaction history from July 30, 2021, and onwards can be retrieved for spot trading. There is currently no announcement regarding withdrawal and distribution history limitations, but there might be restrictions on the retrieval period. Therefore, please upload the transaction history file for the periods that cannot be obtained.

The API may be disabled depending on the specifications of the exchange.
According to Poloniex, starting from September 2020, they conduct reviews of inactive API keys at least quarterly. If a customer does not respond to the notification sent by the exchange, the exchange will disable the API key. (This information is quoted from Poloniex's website.) If your API key has already been removed by the exchange, you will need to delete the old API connection and establish a new one to reconnect it.


1. Log into your Poloniex account, click on the Profile Icon at the top right and select "Profile".


2. Click "API Keys" and click "Create API". You will receive a confirmation email. Click on the link in the email.

*When you log in for the first time, you may get "API Access is disabled" message on the screen. If this is the case, please follow the instructions on the screen to enable API access.

3. On the screen where you are presented with your API key and your API secret, do not change anything. Enter the below IP in "Restricted access to trusted IPs only", then click, "Next".

4. Please take notes of API key and Secret key.


Connect via Poloniex API

Add API connectivity to Poloniex by entering the generated API key and secret via Connect to your exchanges and click "Submit".

If you don't have sub-accounts, it's generally fine to leave it blank.

If you do have sub-accounts, please enter any sub-account name of your choice. In that case, transactions from sub-accounts will also be reflected separately as separate transactions.

Note that if you use the same API key with different sub-account names for API integration, it may be recognized as different API keys, causing duplicate entries.



Please note that we will not be held responsible for any damages caused by unauthorized use or other accidents due to API connections. When connecting, please be sure to use the API key specified by us.