How to get trade history from MEXC Global

This page explains how to get trade history from MEXC Global.

■How to download spot trades■

MEXC Fee Handling
In your spot trading history file, fee currency names aren't specified, making it hard for third parties to identify which coin was used for fees (as of September 27, 2023). To simplify, if fees are calculated using MEXC's standard fee rate based on the total coins paid in the settlement currency, we assume fees were paid in that currency. If not, we presume MX Tokens were used and note the fee currency as cryptact.  After uploading, please confirm if the fee currency matches your actual payment. If correction is needed, you can do so on the screen. How to add/edit/delete transactions manually from the screen

1. After logging in, click "Order" tab, and select "Spot".


2. Select "Transaction History" tab, and click "Export historical transactions".



3. Set "Trading Pair" and "Direction" fields to "All", specify date range, and then click "Generate".



4. When the file is generated, click "Download".


* The maximum number of days for the date range is 100 days.

Please repeat the same steps for different date ranges to get all of your trade history.

After that, upload all the files in the order of the oldest date range to the newest.


Currently, we only support "Spot" trade history. If you have other types of trades in your trade history, please send us a sample file via "Support" button and we can help analyze the feasilibility of supporting it.


■ How to download withdrawal history

* Withdrawals are handled as transfer fees.

1. After logging in, click "Wallets" tab, and select "Funding History".


2. Select "Withdrawal" tab, specify date range and then click "Export".


3. Uncheck the box of "Encrypt the file" and click "Generate". Please note that we do not support files which are encrypted. 



■How to download future trades

1. After logging in, click "Order" tab, and select "Futures Orders".



2. On the orders history page, click on "Order history" tab, then the "Export" button.


3. When the popup appears, click on"Download Big Data" ,"Export"and"Download".


Upload trade history from MEXC Global

After downloading the trade history, please upload it via upload screen.