How to get trade history from Rakuten Wallet

This page explains how to get trade history from Rakuten Wallet.


1. Log into マイページ(MyPage) and select appropriate menu

Click "現物取引(Spot Trade)" if you have spot trading history. Click "証拠金取引(Margin Trade)" if you have margin trading history.

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The below explains the steps for getting spot trade history, however, steps are the same for getting margin trade history.

2. Select "確定申告用(CSV) (Tax Return Purpose)", then click "検索(Search)"

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3.Files will be displayed on the screen per fiscal year. Click the download icon to download each file.


* The functionality to download files for tax return is not available for trades for fiscal year 2019 reporting period. If you have activities during this period, please refer to your annual statement and upload them as custom trades. Please find details on the format of the custom file and how to create it here.


4.Log into Cryptact. Click "取引履歴一覧(Ledger)" -> "取引履歴追加(Add transactions)", then select "Rakuten Wallet" and upload the files.



Some trades in the history file have transaction type as "Other". These trades are marked as "To Confirm" on the generated ledger. This is because several different transaction types which should not be processed in the same way are represented as "Other". Please manually specify transaction types for these.



Please set it to appropriate transaction type, and then click "保存(Save)"


* Buying cryptocurrency with Rakuten Points

When you buy cryptocurrency with Rakuten Points, the trade will be listed as "Other" in the history file, hence will be marked as "To Confirm" on the generated ledger. In this case, please manually select "買い(Buy)" as the transction type and "価格参照をする(Get Market Price)" as the price. The trade is then processed as a buy trade at the market price.

After downloading the trade history, please upload it via upload screen.