How to get trade history from Bittrex[closed]

Now we support Bittrex API connectivity!

Now we support Bittrex API connectivity to obtain trade history without uploading mutiple files. Please check this article how to get the API key and use it.

Caution: Bittrex execution time is approximated

Bittrex doesn't export execution history; instead we can only get start time and end time of trades.
Because of this, we assume execution time for Bittrex is the middle point of start and end time of the order.

1. Choose Orders

Click on the Orders tab and click Download History on the screen.




2. How to download

Select the year from the drop down, check that "I'm not a robot" and click on the Download button.



※You should download all years that you have traded. And when uploading to Cryptact, please upload in order of old year with "Append".