How to get trade history from Bitstamp

This page explains how to get trade history file from Bitstamp.


To find out how to establish API connectivity, please check here.

Note: If you establish API connectivity after uploading trade history via trade history files, any trades that happened during the same "minute" as the last trade uploaded via the file may end up as duplicates. For example, if the last trade uploaded via the file has the timestamp of 12:34:00, the API connection would fetch any trades with the timestamp of 12:34:00 onwards.


■How to download trade history

1. Click the user icon in the upper right and select "Activity".


2. In the Transaction History page, click "Export".


On this page, you do not need to select anything.


3. Click "Export All".

*) Please click "Export All", and not "Export Selection".


Upload trade history from Bitstamp

After downloading the trade history file, please upload it via upload screen.