How to create Custom Coins

On this page, we introduce custom coins, where you can freely choose the symbol for their coins.


1.  What is Custom Coin?

A Custom Coin refers to a coin that is not by cryptact but can be created by users on the ledger. It becomes a "coin that can be used as the base currency" when utilized. (Note: Traditional dummy coins, such as CTT2~CTT499, can still be used.)

Points to Note When Creating Custom Coins:
You can start with the string "USER-" and freely choose a combination of up to 120 characters, including half-width numbers, uppercase letters, and the half-width pound sign (#).

  • Since Custom Coins do not have prices, including them in counter currencies or fee currencies will result in missing price data. Please use Custom Coins exclusively as "base currencies."
  • Lowercase English letters and full-width characters are not allowed.


2. How to Use Custom Coins and Reflect Them in Transaction History

There are two ways to use Custom Coins and reflect them in the transaction history:

  1. Creating and Uploading a Custom File (Custom Transactions): You can create a custom file containing your transactions and upload it.
  2. Creating on the Screen: You can create and input custom transactions directly on the screen.

When you input 'USER-MYDUMMYCOIN#123' or a similar identifier in the 'Base Currency' column of the custom file and upload the file, the custom coin will be incorporated into the ledger. Please note that custom coins, as they cannot retrieve price data, cannot be input in the counter currencies or fee currencies.

Custom File for any other trades


If you are creating it directly on the screen, please follow these steps:

In the transaction editing screen, turn on the checkbox for "Use a custom coin/DeFi token." After enabling this option, the 'Base Currency' column will change to "USER-" and you can freely input up to 120 characters, including half-width numbers, uppercase letters, and the half-width pound sign (#).

How to add/edit/delete transactions manually from the screen

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3. Handling Cases Where Coins Previously Entered as Custom Coins Due to Unsupported Coins Are Now Supported

A coin was previously not supported by Cryptact and I uploaded the trade history using a custom coin. Now, Cryptact started supporting this coin. What should I do?