How to create Custom Coins


In this article, we're going to present you "customcoins" which you can freely create and use alongside with the existing dummy coins (CTT2~CTT499).


What is Custom Coin?

Custom coins, similar as  Dummy Coins, are coin symbols you can use for coins which are not registered in Cryptact Grid. You can find the cryptact supported coins here.


The custom coins, however, are different from Dummy coins in that you can freely choose their symbols with up to 120 characters of alphabets in upper case, numbers, and a # sign, after a prefix "USER-".


How to create custom coin #1: Edit screen

In the transaction edit screen, choose "Define/use a custom coin". After that, Base Currency becomes "USER-", and you can type in alphabets in upper case, numbers, and a # sign(s) up to 120 characters.



How to create custom coin #2: Custom file

In a custom file, you can use a custom coin like 'USER-MYDUMMYCOIN#123" as a base currency. If you upload the file, you'll see your custom coin in the ledger.