How to get trade history from Hotbit

This page explains how to get trade history from Hotbit.



After Hotbit made format changes, there is a known issue that downloaded files end up corrupted. Cryptact is able to handle these files as they are, however, if you come across any issues, please send us an inquiry using the support button at the bottom right.


* Currently, if you try to open a file downloaded from Hotbit by Excel, you will get an error. Please ignore the error and upload the file. Cryptact handles this file.


■How to download spot trade history

1. After logging in, click "Orders" at the top right.



2. Select "Orders" tab, specify date range and click "Search". After the trade history is displayed on the screen, click "Export".

* The maximum number of days for the date range is 30 days.

Upload trade history from Hotbit

After downloading the trade history, please upload it via Hotbit's upload screen.