How to get harvesting history for symbol XYM via XEMTax(β)

This page explains how to get harvesting history for symbol XYM. You can do this via XEMTax(β).


How to Download History

1.When you open "XEMTax(β)", a prompt for sumbol address appears. Please enter your symbol address.


2.Wait for the history to be loaded to the screen. When a portion of the history is loaded, "さらに読み込む(Read More)" button appears. Click it to load the next portion of the history. Repeat this until all history is loaded and "さらに読み込む(Read More)" button no longer appears.

3. In the "レシート(Receipt)" section, click "CSVダウンロード(Download CSV)".



Upload history from XEMTax(β) (harvesting history for XYM)

After downloading the history, please upload it via upload screen.