How to get trade history from Trezor Suite

This page explains how to get trade history from TREZOR's app, Trezor Suite.


* TREZOR is a wallet, therefore its activities are deposits and withdrawals.
Cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, as well as any transfers between your own accounts or wallets, do not affect your profit and loss, therefore, do not need to be uploaded. Please find more information regarding this here.

However, if you have had any trading activities such as OTC trades and ICO participation using TREZOR, they need to be uploaded to Cryptact as custom trades. This is because the downloaded data from Trezor Suite is not sufficient for us to determine if a transaction was simply an inter-wallet activity or if there was a counterparty involved in it.

Please find more details on how to upload custom trades here.

Transactions downloaded using the following steps are handled as remittance fees that incurred at the time of deposits and withdrawals.


How to Download

1. Please connect your TREZOR to PC and start the application. Select the Asset under SEGWIT ACCOUNTS, click Accounts tab, then under Transaction tab select "Export as CSV" from "...".



2. Please repeat the above for all assets you have dealt with.


* When uploading the files, you will need to select the appropriate asset in the subcategory and then drag&drop the file.



Upload trade history from TREZOR

After downloading the trade history, please upload it via the upload screen.