How to get trade history from Taotao

  1. Log into Taotao from a PC、and download "損益計算用データ(Data for pnl calculation)".
  2. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file.
  3. There are 2 CVS files, "CASHFLOW" and "TRADE_RECORD_LIST". Please upload them both from the upload screen.
  4. If you have trades across multiple months, please upload them in the order of the oldest to the newest.


Attention 1: When you open CSV files in Excel or other programs, the formats for dates and numbers may get changed automatically, making the files incompatible with Cryptact's upload process. Please upload the files as they are, without opening them in excel, etc.


Attention 2: "レバレッジ手数料(調整)(Leverage Fee Ajustment)" transactions are handled as errors. If they occur, please contact our support.


Attention 3: Cryptact calculates the profit & loss using transactions in the "TRADE_RECORD_LIST" files, therefore ignores "取引損益(調整)(Trading PNL Adjustment)" transactions included in the "CASHFLOW" file. Please contact our support if you have any questions regarding this.