How to get trade history from KuCoin

How to get trade history from KuCoin.

Trade types that can be obtained by API and exchange file.

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How to download Spot trade history

1.Select "Orders" and click on "Spot Trade History"



2. Click on "Order History" and then click "Export"



3. About the Market, select "Spot Orders" and "Filled Orders"

4. Choose (UTC+8) Asia/Hong Kong or (UTC+9) Asia/Tokyo as Current Time Zone

5. Next click on "Confirm" button to generate the trade history


6. When the trade history is ready to download, a notification will pop up. Click on "Download"


7. Export History page will show up, click on "Download" to get the file.

■How to upload the file

Please upload the file from upload screen.

Depending on your PC environment, opening the CSV file directly may cause file corruption and formatting changes, so please upload the CSV file without opening it after extracting it from the ZIP file.