How to get trade history from BitMEX

About BitMEX's Products

All the products listed on BitMEX's exchanges are Bitcoin-denominated CFDs (Contract for Difference). Each transaction is settled and closed with Bitcoin. Because of this Cryptact determines the profit and loss for each closed contract position by its impact (increase or decrease) on account margin balances. Profit/Loss calculations are possible in this manner but the products themselves (i.e. BitMEX's perpetual futures) will not show up in your ledger summary.

Each increase in your account margin balance is treated as an increase where profit/loss is realized at the point of the transaction (similar to an airdrop or bonus). Decreases are calculated through a disposal at zero price (sell at zero).

BitMEX Timestamps

When you download files from BitMEX both the timezone and timestamp format are set to your system locale. Because it is vital that correct timestamps be reflected for BitMEX transactions (since each margin account increase/decrease relies on lookup prices), please ensure that your set you timezone correctly in the upload dialog when uploading your files.


1. Click Account in the title bar



2. Select "Histories" from the menu. Ensure "Transaction History" tab is selected, and click "Save as CSV".




If you see a link "Next Page", click that, and click the "Save as CSV" again. Repeat this until you reach the end of the pages.


In this manner, you'll download a CSV with the newest trade first, and with the oldest trade last.

When you upload the files to Cryptact, upload them so that the old trade becomes first.