How to get trade history from Kraken

This page explains how to get trade history from Kraken.

Cryptact Now Supports Australian Dollar (AUD) as Accounting Currency

As of December 21, 2023, we now support the Australian Dollar (AUD). (You can check from here)

For more information please find the details here. 

Regarding the staking rewards from Kraken, they are listed as 'ETH2.0', but are automatically recognized as ETH on cryptact. If they are recognized as a separate coin from ETH, please exclude them from the automatic handling records and upload them separately as custom transactions. For the format and method of recording custom transactions, please refer to this guide. Also we have confirmed cases where transactions other than staking rewards are also listed in the file under the transaction type "staking". After uploading the file, please make sure that the history of staking rewards is correctly updated. *We support "staking" when the amount is positive. Please note that we don't support it when the amount is negative amount.


■How to download trade history

・In the past, you always need to download two files as a set and upload to cryptact. Now you only need to upload Ledgers file and it contains all trade history.


・How to export Ledgers

1. Click on Transactions on the left.



2. Stay in the History menu. On the left you have the Export transactions section.



3. Choose the period and the file format you need.



4. Click on Create report. It will take a few seconds to be created, then you will be able to download it.



5. When the file is ready, you may download it.



Upload Kraken's trade history

After downloading the files, please upload them via upload screen.