How to get trade history from[CLOSE]


Caution: Coinexchange doesn't support exporting trades in a file. Please create an excel file based on the following instruction.


1. Open an Excel and start a new blank book.


2. Log on to Coinexchange, and click "Trade History" from "My Account" menu. 


3. Once trade history is shown, copy from left-top "Trade ID" to the right-bottom cell, and paste it onto the Excel.

this is how your excel look like after paste.


 4. If you have multiple pages of trades, repeat the same for all pages. Note, you don't need a header line after the 2nd page.




5. In Excel, select "Time" column, and choose "More Number Formats.."


And type in "yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss" as custom format.



6. Save the excel by "File - Save as..", and save it in CSV format.