How to get trade history from Bitfinex

Note: Using USDT(Tether)

For Bitfinex trades after 17:05 UTC on 29th March 2017, we assume counter currency is USDT if it is shown as USD.

Note: Bitfinex limits trade history download to 3 months at a time

If you have traded with Bitfinex for more than 3 months, please repeat the step 4 through 6 by shifting periods for 3 months, and upload all files by step 7.

1. Open the user menu



2. Click Reports



3. Click "Trade History" (Note, please don't click "Order History" )



4. Click "Custom" and specify your trade period.



5. Choose the period and click "Close"



6. Click "Download"



7. If you have traded for more than 3 months.

Please repeat step 4 through 6 by changing trade period, and get all trades.

After that, please upload files from the older trades first with "append" mode.