How to get trade history from Fintertech.

This page explains how to get trade history from Fintertech.


Our Support Status for Fintertech

As of December 2023, we automatically process the following files.

Digital Asset Staking (Commodatum)

  • Loan Agreement Notification(貸借料付与通知書)

Notice of Loan Fee Allocation

  • Receipt and Cryptocurrency Disposal Notice(受取証書兼暗号資産処分通知書)

  • Deed in Lieu of Payment Receipt(代物弁済受取証書)


How to get trade history

The above file will be sent via email from Fintertech. Please check your mailbox.


Important Notice

  • The Notice of Loan Fee Allocation will be sent monthly. Please upload the files in chronological order, starting with the oldest date.
  • There is no functionality in cryptact to register cryptocurrency collateral deposits for digital asset-backed loans via document upload. While manual input is possible, please consult a tax advisor regarding actual tax calculations.
  • Regarding the history of digital asset-backed loans, due to the unclear use of borrowed funds, cryptact does not recognize interest payments as expenses. To determine whether these payments can be recognized as expenses, please consult your tax advisor separately.


How to upload

Please upload from Fintertech upload box in cryptact.