Not what I imagined Realized Gains/Losses to be

The profit and loss for tax purposes and the profit and loss recognized during investment are different.

Since "Profit and loss from cryptocurrency trading = (Selling price - Average acquisition cost) * Quantity" is calculated, the average acquisition cost is very important, but this calculation of the average acquisition cost is more complicated than it seems.

Main Points for Calculating Average Acquisition Cost

  • Accurate profit and loss cannot be calculated until the end of the period!

This is because the periodic average cost method calculates by dividing the total purchase amount for the entire period by the total purchase quantity.

  • Profit and loss cannot be calculated on an exchange-by-exchange basis!

- The average acquisition cost of each currency is calculated not by each exchange, but from all your transactions.
- Exchanges between cryptocurrencies must also be included in the calculation of the average acquisition cost.

Regarding the Calculation and Display of Profit and Loss for Each Exchange
Deposit & Withdrawal History for Cryptocurrency

In cryptact’s profit and loss calculation service, we disclose all calculation methods. Please check here.