Transactions/year for the Pricing plan

On this page, we will explain the definition of "Transactions/year" in our pricing plans.



1.The definition of "Transactions number/year"

The criterion for determining the transaction number is the year with the highest number of transactions among all uploaded years (before grouped).

Plan’s Fees are not charged for each year in which transactions were made. In our plans, the number of transactions are considered based on the year with the highest number of transactions, even if you upload transactions from multiple past years. Therefore, with a single payment, you can calculate transactions for any number of past years during the annual contract period.

By default, the Annual Transaction Volume is calculated based on the calendar year (January 1st to December 31st).
*Note: For corporate clients with a Standard Plan or higher, it is possible to change the month of the fiscal year-end. For more details, click here.

For example, if the number of transactions per year are as follows:
2020: 100 transactions
2021: 500 transactions
2022: 3,000 transactions
Since the highest annual transaction volume is 3,000 transactions in 2022, by subscribing to the Light Plan (¥19,800/year (tax included)), which allows up to 5,000 transactions annually, you can upload transaction histories for all years.

2.Ungrouped and Grouped Transactions

In cryptact, transactions in the same currency within one minute can be grouped and displayed as one transaction, but the "number of Transactions/year" in this fee plan is counted based on the number of transactions before grouped.

The transaction count before grouped. The "Transactions/year" in each of our pricing plans counts the transaction count before grouped.

Transactions in the same currency, and same transaction type within one minute can be grouped and displayed as one transaction.


3.How to check Grouped/Ungrouped transactions

You can check the transaction count for each year by selecting "Yearly" within the "Summary" section.
スクリーンショット 2024-05-24 140238.png


4.If you do not want the transactions to be grouped

If you do not want the transactions to be grouped, please turn off the "Groupe Transactions" option when uploading.



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