Correcting invalid transactions - README too!

This article describes how to resolve "Invalid transactions".

Cryptact calculates the cryptocurrency PNL using the calculation methods which are publicly available and the market prices. In the process of aggregating all transaction history together, any transactions that cryptact could not correctly handle due to insufficient information are flagged as Invalid Transactions and excluded from the PNL calculation. These invalid transactions are displayed as warnings and not errors.

There are three types of invalid transactions:

  • "Insufficient position"-- you uploaded a transaction that requires more coins than you actually own in cryptact
  • "Unsupported currency"-- you uploaded a transaction for a currency that cryptact does not support
  • "Price lookup unavailable" -- you uploaded a transaction for a coin that cryptact supports but the price data is not available in cryptact


Please correct all of your invalid transactions!

All transactions marked as invalid are automatically excluded from all ledger calculations. As a result of this, your displayed result and actual profit and loss may differ greatly.

Please upload all of your transactions since the Bitcoin genesis block! (Jan 3, 2009)

Your comprehensive ledger can only be built by compiling all of your transactions from all exchanges you use to date and chronologically ordering them. If you have missing or incorrect data, your ledger cannot be accurately constructed and calculated.

If you are in the process of uploading all of your data, you can ignore any invalid transactions that show up during that interval.

If you use multiple exchanges, you may see invalid transactions during the process of uploading multiple files. Invalid transactions are only relevant if you have completed uploading all of your data.

Please fix invalid transactions in chronological order, starting from the oldest date.

Invalid transactions are excluded from the PNL calculation, which means that one invalid transaction may have a knock-on effect and cause other transactions to become invalid. In this case, fixing the oldest invalid transaction may also fix the other invalid transactions.


January 1: Buy 20ETH for 1BTC (invalid due to insufficient BTC position)

January 2: Buy 500USD for 5ETH (invalid due to insufficient ETH position)

If you fix the invalid transaction for January 1 by uploading a trade that gives you a BTC position before January 1, this, in turn, fixes the invalid transaction for January 2 also.


If, after completing uploading your data, a message similar to the one below appears at the top of the 'Transactions' tab, you have invalid transactions.

Fix invalid I.png

Click "Let's troubleshoot" to move to the assistant screen.

Fix invalid II.png

On the assistant screen, you can check how many invalid transactions you have.

Fix invalid III.png


2.2. How to show only your invalid transactions

In the "Transactions" screen, click "Status" "Invalid" → "Apply" to apply the filter and show only invalid transactions.

Fix invalid IV.png

As you can see below, only invalid transactions are displayed. If you want to clear the filter, click "Clear all".

Fix invalid V.png


Click on the transaction to check the details.

Fix invalid VI.png

In the transaction detail screen, you can see why this transaction is flagged as invalid.

Fix invalid VII.png


There are three types of invalid transactions. You can use the filter function to see which type of invalid transactions you have.

Fix invalid VIII.png

The resolution is different depending on the type of invalid transaction. Please refer to the below help pages for each type.


Please refer to How to fix invalid transactions caused by "Insufficient position".


Please refer to How to fix invalid transactions caused by "Unsupported currency".


3.3. How to fix invalid transactions caused by "Price lookup unavailable"

Please refer to How to fix invalid transactions caused by "Price lookup unavailable".