If you unlock your data

In this help page, we will explain the precautions regarding canceling data confirmation.


1.  What happens when data locking is unlocked?

Unlocking the data triggers a re-calculation, which may result in changes to transaction history and profit/loss results for past fiscal years.


2.  Why does unlocking data lead to changes in profit/loss results?

The following points are primarily considered:

Case 1:  New transaction history added in past fiscal years

It is possible that you have added new transaction history to past fiscal years.

However, please note that both transaction history files and API integration are designed to import only transactions occurring after the latest transaction date and time already uploaded in the system. As a result, unless you delete past records and upload the transaction history again, transactions from previous fiscal years will not be added."


Case 2:  Coins that had no value when acquired have gained value

If you acquired coins in the past that had no price at the time but now have a value, the content of the transaction history for past fiscal years may change.


Case 3:  DeFi transactions that were previously unsupported are now supported

Some DeFi transactions that were previously unsupported are now supported, which may change the status of "Unclassified" transaction history to "Classified." (However, for transaction types that you manually selected transaction type for "Unclassified"transactions, the profit/loss calculation prioritizes those designated types.)


Case 4:  Changes in the processing method for cryptocurrency trading profit/loss calculations

Although there is often no clear rule from the tax authorities regarding the processing method for cryptocurrency trading profit/loss calculations, we make an effort to promptly adapt our processing methods once the tax authorities' policies become clear. This may lead to changes in how we processed data in past fiscal years. Please note that we have applied the profit/loss calculation processing methods under the supervision of a tax advisor.


3. What should you do if your past profit/loss results change after unlocking data?

In our system, it is possible to edit all historical data going back in time. However, once data locking is unlocked, and if your history and profit/loss results have changed, you cannot revert to the situation before the cancellation. Therefore, we kindly request that you only unlock data when it is necessary to make corrections to historical data for past fiscal years.