Cryptact's Support Status for Bybit.

This page introduces the trade types that can be obtained via Bybit API and exchange file.


■Cryptact's Support Status for Bybit

Endpoint File support API support
SPOT Trades
※Started on March 3,2022
Derivatives/USDT Perpetual Futures*1
※Started on March 10,2022
Derivatives/USDC Perpetual Futures*1 ×
※Started on April 28,2022
Derivatives/Inverse Perpetual*1
※Started on March 10,2022
Derivatives/Inverse Futures*1
※Started on March 10,2022
SPOT Trades (UTA) ×
Derivatives/Linear perpetuals (UTA)*1 ×
Unified Trading Account - Linear Futures (Closed P&L)(UTA)
Withdrawal ×
※Started on March 23,2022
Bybit Earn (ex. ByFi Center)/Flexible Staking Orders ×
Bybit Earn (ex. ByFi Center)/Dual Asset Mining × ×
Bybit Earn (ex. ByFi Center)/DeFi Mining × ×
Bybit Earn (ex. ByFi Center)/Launch Pool × ×
Bybit Earn (ex. ByFi Center)/Dual Invest × ×
Bybit Affiliates ×
Copy Trade × ×
Convert Assets × ×
P2P trading × ×
Margin trading × ×
NFT × ×

*1 Funding charges for derivative transactions are reflected when the positions are closed.

▼Transaction types that are currently not automatically supported by both the API and the file.
・Please upload a custom file.
・As soon as we receive sufficient samples (transaction history files) from customers, we will automatically respond. If you have a file, please send it to us via the "Support" button.
・API will be supported in due course, depending on the delivery status on the exchange side.


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