Fees Paid to cryptact as Expenses

Payments for our profit and loss calculation service are not explicitly categorized as deductible expenses. Therefore, please confirm with your tax office or tax accountant.

While we cannot advise whether these payments can be recorded as deductible expenses, if you decide to do so after consulting with the tax office, you can upload them using a custom file.

▼ Example: If the tax office confirms that the payment of 8,800 yen to cryptact can be recorded as a deductible expense, here is how to record it in the custom file:

Date Type Source Base Currency Volume Price Settlement Currency Fee Fee Currency Comment
Transaction Date CASH Any JPY
0 0 JPY

(*1)Cryptact Supported Fiat Currencies . Ensure that the base currency, settlement currency, and fee currency are all in the fiat currency paid.

(*2) Indicate the amount in fiat currency