"Invalid Header" error when uploading files - causes and solutions

This page explains the most frequent reasons of "Invalid header" errors when you upload files, and helps you find the cause of your errors.


Cause 1: The file is corrupted or altered

If you open or edit CSV files you downloaded from exchanges on your PC, the file might become modified or corrupted unexpectedly and you won't be able to upload the file. Some operating systems also automatically save files immediately when they opened, resulting in corruption or format changes.


Please download the file again. This time, please do not open or edit the file before uploading it to Cryptact.

If you want to check the contents of the file, do not use Excel (Windows) or Numbers(Mac), since Excel and Numbers can alter the formatting and encoding of the file. Please consider using Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac) instead. Please also make sure you do not overwrite your original file.


Cause 2: You have downloaded the wrong file

Some exchanges provide different types of histories (example: order history, execution history, transfer history). If you upload a wrong type of the files, you will see "Invalid header".

If you click "Click here for error details", you can confirm how different the header of your uploaded file is.




Please read How to get trade histories from exchanges and check to see if you have downloaded the correct type of file.


Cause 3: Format change by the exchanges

Please contact to customer support with the transaction file or screen shot of the file header attached.