Cryptact's Support Status for Binance.

This page introduces the trade types that can be obtained via Binance API and exchange file.


■Cryptact's Support Status for Binance.

Endpoint File support API support
Spot Trade*1
※Started on January 7,2022
BNB Conversions*2 ×
BUSD Auto Convert ×
※Started on January 24,2022
Mining Earnings × 
Distributions/DeFi Staking ×
Distributions/Flexible Staking  
Distributions/Locked Staking*3
Locked Staking Early Redemptions ×
Started on July 21,2022
Distributions/Staking reward in ETH2.0  
ETH 2.0 Staking History(Stake) × 
Savings Flexible(bonus interests)  
Savings Flexible (real-time interests) × 
Savings Flexible Trial Fund × 
Savings Locked
Savings Activities
Distributions/Launchpad history ×
Distributions/Launchpool history ×
Distributions/Airdrop*4 ×
Distributions/Other distributions ×
Fiat Payments History ×
Futures Transaction history(COIN-M)
Futures Transaction history(USDⓈ-M)
Leveraged Token Redemption
Leveraged Token Subscription
Margin trade (Cross)
Margin trade (Isolated)
Margin Borrowing (Cross)
Margin Borrowing (Isolated)
Margin Repayment (Cross)
Margin Repayment (Isolated)
Commission History*5
Started on January 7,2022
Commission Fees Shared with you*6
Started on January 7,2022
Swaps ×
European Option ×
NFT Marketplace ×
Transaction types other than the above unidentified unidentified

*1 History cannot be retrieved for delisted coin pairs.
*2 Due to the specifications of Binance's API, history prior to December 1, 2020 cannot be retrieved.And also retrieves only up to a maximum of 100 entries.
*3 Due to the specifications of Binance's API, history prior to May 9, 2021 cannot be retrieved.
*4 Due to the specifications of Binance's API,some airdrop history is not distributed
*5  Due to the specifications of Binance's API, history prior to August 1, 2021 cannot be retrieved.
*6  If the number of cases is extremely large, some histories may not be retrieved.

▼Transaction types that are currently not automatically supported by both the API and the file.

・Please upload a custom file.
・As soon as we receive sufficient samples (transaction history files) from customers, we will automatically respond. If you have a file, please send it to us via the "Support" button.
・API will be supported in due course, depending on the delivery status on the exchange side.

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