How to get an API key for Bittrex[Closed]

This page explains how to get an API key for your Bittrex transaction history.

Due to the termination of the exchange service, cryptact has discontinued bittrex API connections as of April 25, 2024. If you have files from the exchange, you can still upload them to cryptact. (Click here for file download)


If the transactions fetched via the API and the transactions in the downloaded file are different, we cannot determine which is more accurate. Please check the transaction details thoroughly after they are fetched via the API.

We have confirmed that the history of some coin pairs is not being fetched via the API (as of March 14, 2022, BTG-BTC and AUR-BTC transactions in 2017). Please upload transactions that cannot be fetched via the API as custom trades.

1.Login to your Bittrex account and Select My Account. Then select API Keys from the menu bar.

2.Select Add new key... and select READ INFO for permissions. DO NOT assign any other access right to the key. Click Save to complete.



3.You may be required to input your 2FA code to complete the process. Enter your 2FA code from your device and click Confirm to continue.



4.Confirm your API key and API secret.

Note: if you leave the screen you may not be able to view your API secret -- please copy your API secret immediately once you reach this point.



5.Please visit Cryptact's Bittrex API page and click Add a key for Bittrex. Please paste the API key and API secret values from your confirmation screen on Bittrex.




Please note that we will not be held responsible for any damages caused by unauthorized use or other accidents due to API connections. When connecting, please be sure to use the API key specified by us.