How to get trade history from SBI VC Trade

As of October 2021, SBI VC Trade does not provide the functionality to download trade history. Please use the "四半期取引残高報告書(Quarterly Statement Report)" which is sent to your registered address to upload trade history to Cryptact.

These reports are only sent to you on a quarterly basis. If you would like to check your profit & loss in a more timely manner, please upload your trades as custom trades. Please find details on how to do this here.


* Cryptocurrency received as 株主優待(shareholder's benefit)

The cryptocurrency received as part of shareholder's benefit program is handled as Purchased at Market Price.

You may need to recognize it as an income separately, however, this is not in the scope of our cryptocurrency profit & loss calculation.

Handling it this way will at least ensure that the book value is accurate, and it also helps with the profit & loss calculation thereafter.

Please follow how you handle your other shareholder's benefits and take the necessary steps to meet the reporting requirement.


Upload trade history from SBI VC Trade

After downloading the trade history, please upload it via the upload screen.