How to get an API key for DeCurrent's store (販売所) history[closed]

This page explains how to get an API key for DeCurret's store (販売所) transaction history.

API connection is NOT supported for exchange (取引所) history. If you have any transaction history with the exchange, please download DeCurrent Exchange history file and upload to Cryptact.


Attention: For security reasons, please be sure to use a read-only API key ("権限/Permission" is set to "約定履歴/Execution history" only).


  1. Log into DeCurrent Store (販売所), and select "API設定(Setup API)" from the menu on the left.

  2. Click "APIキー新規登録(Create New API key)".

  3. On "APIキー新規登録画面(API Creation)" screen, set "ラベル(Label)" to whatever is meaningful to you, select 権限(Permission) as "約定履歴(Execution history)" under "現物取引(SPOT)" section, then click "確認(Confirm)".
    Attention: For security reasons, please do not give the API any other permissions(権限).

  4. Please check the detail on the next confirmation screen, and then click "登録(Create)". Complete the 2FA process that follows.

  5. The next screen will show you the list of API keys. Copy the newly created API key and secret.decurret_store_key.png

  6. Go back to Cryptact's ledger screen, click "Add Transactions" down-arrow and then select "APIキーを管理する(Manage API keys)".

  7. From the list of exchanges that Cryptact supports API connections for, click "DeCurret 販売所(Store)".

  8. Add API connectivity by entering the API key and the secret via Connect to your exchanges.



Please note that we will not be held responsible for any damages caused by unauthorized use or other accidents due to API connections. When connecting, please be sure to use the API key specified by us.