What causes the "No new transactions in uploaded file" message and how to handle it

A. If you have uploaded the same file type before, the system keeps track of the most recent timestamp of the previously uploaded trades for that file type and only processes trades that have more recent timestamps.

With automated trading bots, etc., transactions with the same details frequently occur at the same time. In order to prevent the same trade from being processed multiple times even if it appears in multiple cuts of the same file type, the system uses the timestamp to uniquely identify each transaction. Therefore, if you wish to upload the same file type multiple times, you need to upload them in the order of the oldest timestamp to the newest.

Example: For bitflyer/Trade History, you have completed uploading the trade history for FY2018 - FY2021, however, you realized you forgot to upload the trade history for November 2020.

In this example, you must first delete the existing trade history that has timestamps that are more recent than the missing trade history you need to upload.


① Click the trash icon on the left of "Add transactions".



② You can delete specific trade history by specifying the source and fiscal year.

In this example, select "bitFlyer/Trade History" from the list, select "2020" for the fiscal year, and click "Delete Selected". Repeat the process: select "bitFlyer/Trade History" from the list, select "2021" for the fiscal year, and click "Delete Selected".

Please Note:

* The data will be completely deleted from the server and cannot be restored.

* If you need to delete the trade history and re-upload it, you may need to upgrade your subscription plan based on the transaction volume of the fiscal year with the largest transaction volume.



③ Re-upload the trade history again from 2020 onwards, starting with the oldest dated file.


* The overwrite/append mode for the upload function was decommissioned in May 2021.


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